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Product Reviews: Hall Crystal Flute in G

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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)

5 out of 5 “Beautifully made and easy to learn”

Reviewed by LAYLA, 3 years ago
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I love this crystal flute in G. I have the blue flower design. It came in a lovely fully padded box. It weighs much less than my open hole silver flute, which is good if you suffer back issues as I do.
I would however reccomend you buy the cleaning wand at the same time and maybe this should be mentioned at the bottom of the description so buyers dont forget? I intend on building my hall flute collection as soon as I can! Brilliant price for a handmade flute!

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3 out of 5 “Okay, but .....”

Reviewed by John, 3 months ago
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I quite like this flute. It has a nice sound and is relatively easy to play. However I have 2 issues.
1. The bore is quite small so I have difficulty holding it and it slips around. Wrapping tape around helps and so does using a thumbport support for right thumb (tape essential to keep it in place) but I have yet to find a comfortable position for my left thumb. I am a small male but my hands are a bit old and gnarly; maybe I should have gone for the low D. I have no problem with concert flute and piccolo.
2. It is very flat/reference pitch is clearly A = 432 hz. This may be the case for all folk flutes but I doubt it as most of my whistles are in A = 440 hz. Not an issue when playing solo but I will need to adjust my backing tracks where possible and could be an issue with other instruments.

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