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Product Reviews: La Voz Clarinet Reeds, 10-pack

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Best Clarinet Reed I've tried to date.”

Reviewed by David, 11 years ago
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I've tried Rico reeds in the past and frankly haven't been a big fan of them. I was playing Van Doren reeds on Sax and Clarinet when someone I knew began raving about what a great Jazz sound they were getting by using La Voz on Tenor Sax. I gave them a try and although I still prefer the Van Doren Jazz reed for Sax, I've found the La Voz reeds suit me best on Clarinet.
Unlike the ordinary Rico reeds, I've never found any duds so when I buy a box of ten I'm able to use them all instead of having to throw a couple away.
I've also found I can play them straight from the pack instead of having to sand them down to suit. Again, unlike ordinary Rico reeds.
The sound is rich and the Medium hard reed produces a full and confident sound in the upper register.
There are probably better, more expensive reeds around but these are certainly the best I've found in this price bracket.

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