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Product Reviews: Trevor James 31PF "Privilege" Flute

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5 out of 5 “Good Purchase Experience...!!”

Reviewed by Roger, 5 years ago
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I spent several days researching/agonising over which flute to purchase to improve tone and capability on my Buffet closed key plated flute.
Looking for a substantial step up in tone without spending a fortune, as it is a doubling instrument...
Considered all solid silver, silver head-joint and finally silver lip-plate and riser options...the latter seeming to offer the most economical solution.
The price is very reasonable...and from a well respected name manufacturer...
The flute arrived promptly and has proved to be an easy changeover...immediately making sweet sounds out of the box(which is good quality too)...
I am looking forward to even better sounds as I settle in with this flute...the open holes are easy to adapt to and will provide opportunities to extend my technique...bending notes etc...

Many Thanks...!!

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