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Product Reviews: Muramatsu SR Flute

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “This flute for me, is like a fine burgundy wine in a class of it's own”

Reviewed by Joanne, 8 years ago
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It has to be said reviews of an instrument of this calibre (or almost any calibre to a greater or lesser degree) is very difficult as it's all about personal choice, and how you play.
However, I bought this flute last year but as it takes a few months to adjust, it was important to wait before giving a "just" review:
Having gone in to buy a head joint to go with my lovely and trusted Altus 1107 Brittania Silver on which Ian did a brilliant maintenance job (and incidentally sold on in a matter of days!), I picked this up to try out of curiosity.
Well, that was a mistake! (My poor Altus had to go although I'd loved it - and the house move put on hold!!)
I had a musician friend with me (French Horn player) who was giving me her opinions that day. She instantly noticed the difference: A creamy smooth tone, quite dark but rich and singing and flawless and much more refined tone through the whole range - the low register particularly is warm and gorgeous to play. There are one or two notes in the 3rd register which still need adjusting as I play, but I figured that's a compromise I'm willing to make. For me the quality and beauty, combined with the ability to create different tone colours with ease, was more important.
Can I recommend it to anyone? Well I recommend trying it.... we're all different.

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