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Product Reviews: Woodify "Twig" Flute Thumb Rest

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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)

5 out of 5 “The best inquisitive purchase I’ve ever made! ”

Reviewed by Mark , 1 year ago
(Unverified Purchase)

After seeing the Woodify Twig thumb rest on social media I was interested to try them. I have been using a Thumbport for quite a few years now as my thumb is relatively short for my hand size so have been open to trying new alternatives.
I was immediately taken by the difference with the Woodify!
Physically, my right hand wrist felt more free as my hand was able to move more with ease - especially in the 3rd octave fingerings. The balance of my flute felt more comfortable too as it encouraged the weight of the flute to be more on the left hand.
Acoustically, my middle register notes felt a lot less stuffy and my low register had more bite to the sound. My flute felt more even to blow across the whole range too. It’s felt like a new flute quite honestly!
After finding the sweet spot for my hand position the Twig has stayed in place ever since.
I would seriously recommend this to anyone feeling like they need additional support on their right hand!

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1 out of 5 “Doesn't fit in Bam Panther Case ”

Reviewed by Kevin, 1 year ago
Verified Purchase

Feels comfy on flute, but it can only be stuck on one time. Doesn't fit in bam case so I had to remove it. And you can't return it if you have taken the sticky tape off.

Other models out there that you can clip-on and off.

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