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Product Reviews: Légère American Cut Synthetic Alto Saxophone Reed

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4.0 out of 5 (1 review)

4 out of 5 “Legere American Cut - very playable reed, but a couple of problems”

Reviewed by William, 3 years ago
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This reed is excellent, very playable through the full range of the alto sax.
Just a couple of problems.
The reed is very slippery, which makes it tricky to place correctly on the mouthpiece, as it can move when I'm trying to tighten the ligature.
It would also really help in this regard if they could put some colour into it. Probably it's my eyesight, but it's much more difficult than with a cane reed to see exactly how the reed is positioned.
And, good luck finding a small transparent object if you happen to drop it.

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