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Product Reviews: Robert Bigio Zirconium Headjoint Stopper with Grenadilla Crown

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Refinement and purity of sound”

Reviewed by Christian, 11 months ago
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Having fitted and used the Robert Bigio Zirconium stopper and Grenadilla Crown for less than a week now, this is one item that truly has a bearing on the sound quality and one in which translates into an eloquence of sound as well as making it easier to resolve all registers (particularly the higher).
Without the need for a traditional cork assembly there is a harmonic purity here and refinement of sound which is most apparent to the player and must be due to this resonant chamber being finally allowed to speak. I don’t doubt that dependent on the materials of your own flute the experience may vary but logic dictates that removing the cork frees up this chamber and aids the stopper on its resilient mounting to resonate sound production in a good way (think of a speaker cone microscopically resonating on its mounting).
I will not go back to a traditional cork stopper and at this price point the Bigio Stopper and Crown is a worthy upgrade and merits your attention.

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