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Product Reviews: Nuvo TooT (New Generation Model)

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Safe and easy try-out flutie”

Reviewed by Sean, 7 months ago
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This is fun. I bought it so that anyone (at schools) who asks for a taster lesson or 'demo' can be safely given this without having to risk several hundred £'s worth of precious flute being dropped. Better still, in this time of pandemic, it can be washed out easily. It's great and has already paid its way. It blows well and gets instant results. With the younger learner, where progress will naturally be slower, this could serve them for many weeks or even months. The benefit to the parents is that they wouldn't need to think about laying out maybe £500 immediately. When they do finally go forward to buying a real flute, it will be with the knowledge that successful playing has already been well and truly established. I'd probably want to get a child off this before we start to look at notes beyond the basic 'white' notes (so that they only ever have one version of F#, D# or Bb, for instance). All in all, it would be good for a teacher to carry one of these and is a good starter for the smaller / younger pupil.

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