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Product Reviews: LefreQue Sound Bridge - Red Brass

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5 out of 5 “Definite upgrade for a very low price”

Reviewed by Mark, 5 years ago
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I bought the lefreQue out of curiosity: I already have high-end gold headjoint on a Yamaha Student body.
I was interested to see whether a further improvement could be made for a low price.
I mainly notice the different in the middle of the instrument - the notes have more cutting edge to them. Up close, that's a less pretty sound, but from the distance of an audience, it puts more focus and energy into the sound: what sounds pure and delicate up close often sounds weedy and pale from the third row.
One of my Grade 7 students tried it and he found it made his bottom notes speak more immediately and his top notes less likely to crack - improvements in the exact opposite places to my experience, but then his lips are giving different things to the sound to start with compared with mine.
Being brass, the lefreQue looks beautiful when it first comes out of the box and then tarnishes immediately, but for £36, I'm not grumbling: if I wanted to change headjoints to get this improvement in sound, I would have paid hundreds.

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