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Product Reviews: myfife in C, Matt Black

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)

5 out of 5 “Very good, very inexpensive starter instrument”

Reviewed by Ben, 8 years ago
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I ordered this model a few weeks ago along with the Myfife 'rosewood' model. Both blow well with pretty good intonation; from memory they are the equal of the ubiquitous Yamaha fife (I seem to have lost mine), without, of course, being a horrible beige colour. The black model is shockingly inexpensive (i.e. cheaper than a large Starbucks coffee), but is nevertheless a proper musical instrument.

When compared with the 'rosewood' model, the black has a less broad sound at the bottom, while having a clearer, more piercing top end. The rosewood model does sound more 'woody' – and looks a lot nicer – but there is not a great difference in playing considering that it costs twice as much.

In short, the black Myfife is a bargain. The mock-rosewood model has a slightly nicer tone at the bottom, as well as a slightly breathier tone at the top, but it either costs a little bit more or twice as much, depending on how you look at it!

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5 out of 5 “A good introduction to instrumental playing”

Reviewed by Joanna, 9 years ago
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A reasonably pried instrument which is a good introduction to instrumental playing for young children. It looks smart and comes with its own case, which makes them feel that it is a "proper" instrument.

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