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Product Reviews: The New Flute (includes DVD)

Tilmann Dehnhard

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4.0 out of 5 (1 review)

4 out of 5 “Very good but DVD does not play on PCs.”

Reviewed by Nyree, 10 years ago
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I bought this out of curiosity as I've always wanted to learn how to flute-box. The book has 2 languages throughout, but the English is very good: easily readable and coherent. The instruction itself is also clear, and the book has progressive exercises, and a few studies too which are more interesting to play. I was able to work out what to do for the various techniques without trouble, apart from the beat-boxing section. This was rectified however by watching the DVD which had very good explanations and demonstrations for that section and effectively filled the gaps. The rest of the DVD is mostly him playing through the other exercises demonstrating how to build up the techniques which I also found quite helpful. He also 'showcases' a few tunes randomly which aren't in the book, one in particular was him on possibly a contra-bass flute? Not sure why that's on there but interesting if you like that of thing?! My only major problem with the title was that the DVD does not play on my PC (Windows 8.1) and I can only watch it on a 'proper' DVD player (I actually played mine on my ps4) which is annoying and why I gave only 4 stars.

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