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Product Reviews: The Adult Flute Student

Trevor Wye

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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)

3 out of 5 “It's not a flute method”

Reviewed by Dorien, 11 years ago
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I bought this book for an adult student who wanted to start playing the flute. I thought it would be a complete method, but it's not, so that's a bit dissopointing. It's more like a collection with extracts of all of Trevor Wye's books on tone, articulation, etc... So definitely worth a look at, but I wouldn't use it for beginners. Even if they are adults.

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3 out of 5 “Aimed more at elderly students?”

Reviewed by Katharine Rachel, 2 years ago
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The book includes many classic Trevor Wye exercises and some excellent explanations of tone / technique / vibrato etc, which would definitely appeal to a serious adult learner, including someone who has only recently started the flute. However, I would not recommend it to a younger adult unless they had a good sense of humour, as they may find the references to the challenges of playing with false teeth, arthritis and reading glasses rather off-putting. It's a shame, as otherwise it is a very useful, concise volume that is considerably less daunting than the full set of Practice Books.

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