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Product Reviews: Concerto in G major

Johann Joachim Quantz


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3.0 out of 5 (1 review)

3 out of 5 “Great price and piano reduction, flute part editing not so much.”

Reviewed by Daniel, 4 years ago
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I bought this edition online because it was so cheap. The piano part is great, but the flute part is unfortunately edited rather haphazardly (by Frances Blaisdell) in my and my teacher's opinion, with many parts of the line put clumsily up the octave, compared to the earliest transcript of the piece I could find, and many unnatural dynamic and tempo markings put in. The print quality and legibility is also great, but I would perhaps recommend the Breitkopf edition instead, which is truer to the possibilities of the instrument it would have been plaid on, and less idiosyncratically edited.

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