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Product Reviews: Music and the Flute

Thomas Nyfenger

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Priceless gem for the advanced player - student or otherwise!”

Reviewed by Nicolas, 9 years ago
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Tom Nyfenger was, by all accounts (including those of Debost and Baron), a wonderful player and an inspiring teacher. This book confirms the latter.

Nyfenger's analysis and insights are deep and razor sharp, delivered with great intelligence and wit. The writing style is brilliant, but the streak of self-deprecation that runs throughout the book makes Nyfenger's erudition seem less intimidating.

I bought the book after reading (and laughing at) the chapter entitled "twenty five (per)versions of Syrinx". The rest turns out to be just as sparkling. Try "intonation and outonation", for instance.

For the price of a forty minute lesson with a new graduate you can get yourself this gem of a masterclass from one of the most respected american flute teachers of the last fifty years - or rather a whole series of masterclasses!

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