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Product Reviews: Three Swedish Pieces for Flute and Piano

Hugo Alfvén & Wilhelm Stenhammar
Edited by Göran Marcusson

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3.0 out of 5 (1 review)

3 out of 5 “Very straightforward grade 8 piece”

Reviewed by Mark, 7 years ago
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This piece is on the current (2017) ABRSM Grade 8. It is a good technical study for ledger lines and specifically for getting used to top B; it also has a tricky bar alternating low E and low C in semiquavers (presto) and a crescendo through a 2 bar descending phrase that is supposed to reach ff on a bottom D.

However it contains a lot of repetition and needs very little musical insight to execute, making it one of the easiest pieces on the list. Musical reward may be limited unless you really enjoy G major and D major arpeggios.

The Just Flutes edition leaves one point of ambiguity: bars 4-6 are marked staccato throughout, in semiquaver figuration. This figuration continues for most of rest of the piece, but without any further staccato markings. It would be good to have an informed editorial opinion to know if the rest of the piece should be "non-staccato" or whether the staccato marks imply "simile" for the rest of the piece.

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