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Red Hot Recorder Songs [Teacher's Book] Includes accompaniment CD


Our Description

Red Hot Recorder Songs works in step with Red Hot Recorder Tutor to present imaginative and alternative ways to teach the recorder. The book contains new songs written especially to reinforce note learning, all with a popular style and ‘feel good’ accompaniment. Also included are rhythm exercises to strengthen rhythmic literacy, articulation, listening skills and intonation. There are also suggestions for extension activities. Most of all, the book is a fun resource to encourage enjoyable music-making while promoting sound learning.


  • How cool can you B
  • Rhythm piece 1
  • B with me
  • B A star (Practice)
  • B A star (Performance)
  • Rhythm Piece 2
  • Don’t ever battle with A B! (Practice)
  • Don’t ever battle with A B! (Performance)
  • Ear piece (set 2)
  • In the BAG! (Practice)
  • In the BAG! (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 3
  • Gift of the GAB (Practice)
  • Gift of the GAB (Performance)
  • Ear piece (set 3)
  • E, G, A OK! (Practice)
  • E, G, A OK! (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 4
  • E, B, G, B’s (Practice)
  • E, B, G, B’s (Performance)
  • Ear piece (set 4)
  • Up, down, round the bend
  • Rhythm piece 5
  • Everybody loves to swing (Practice)
  • Everybody loves to swing (Performance)
  • Ear piece (Set 5)
  • Play F sharp to E (Practice)
  • Play F sharp to E (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 6
  • Ear piece (set 6)
  • B by the C (Practice)
  • B by the C (Performance)
  • Rhythm Piece 7
  • Simple as A, B, C
  • Ear piece (set 7)
  • It’s up to you D! (Practice)
  • It’s up to you D! (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 8
  • Tongue Twister (Practice)
  • Tongue Twister (Performance)
  • Ear piece (set 8)
  • C sharp, see change the key (Practice)
  • C sharp, see change the key (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 9
  • Ear piece (set 9)
  • Samba! (Practice)
  • Samba! (Performance)
  • Rhythm piece 10
  • Ear piece (set 10)

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Category: Recorder Albums with Backing Tracks
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew
Publisher's reference: 3612117
Part of the Red Hot Recorder series
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Media Type: Paperback; includes accompaniment CD