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Preludes and Fugues for Saxophones


From the Publisher

These arrangements are based on the notion that the saxophone quartet is the nearest modern equivalent of the Baroque consort, in which each instrument blends perfectly with its neighbour. The modern string quartet, for instance, is not a consort since the violin, viola and cello do not have the same type of resonance and therefore have different and distinctive timbres. This reflects an increased emphasis on differentiation of colour which has developed over the last few centuries.

In making these arrangements I wanted to bring to wider notice the wonderful keyboard works of J.S.Bach, many of which are rarely played in public these days. In particular the many works which take the form known as "Prelude and Fugue", although widely studied, I felt were due for more widespread exposure and appreciation.

Not all of Bach's keyboard works are suitable for transcriptions of this type, and I had to avoid those works which depend heavily on techniques exclusive to the keyboard. Fortunately these are few in number, and the vast majority of Bach's huge keyboard repertoire is accessible to any amount of transcription. This is due to Bach's extraordinarily flexible and adaptable contrapuntal techniques, which allow every voice an exceptional degree of independence at the same time that it participates fully in the overall texture. In addition, his natural language seems to sit at the crossroads between vocal and instrumental styles, so that his instrumental music has 'singing' qualities, and his vocal music has the expressive precision of instrumental chamber music.

These arrangements are faithful transcriptions of the originals, transposed up a semitone to make them more accessible to saxophones. Dynamic, articulation, expression and tempo markings have been added, and Baroque decorations written in modern form.
Michael Christie


  1. Praludium & Fughetta BWV902A
  2. Prelude & Fugue IX BWV854

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