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Jupiter JRS-700 'Saxonette' Chalumeau


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Our Description

The chalumeau is a woodwind instrument of the 18th century. It is similar to a recorder body with a clarinet mouthpiece, and its small size is ideal for teaching young beginners the basics on the clarinet, including embouchure formation and basic fingerings. It is light, easy to put together, and gives the child an idea of what it is like to play a "woodwind" instrument. Similar to a recorder, and like a clarinet and saxophone it really does fit in to "first teaching" ideas. This Jupiter chalumeau is well-made with comfortable hand position and a warm sound.



  • Chalumeau in C
  • Wood body
  • Includes mouthpiece, ligature, cap, cork grease and pouch
  • The chalumeau takes standard Bb clarinet reeds

Item Details

Manufacturer: Jupiter
Model number: JRS-700
Category: Bb Clarinets