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Instructive Studies for the Modern Flute


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From the Publisher

'This collection of studies aims to present a series of clearly defined musical and technical challenges for the student. The most important elements are fixed and free pulses and different rhythmical combinations, figures and patterns. Special attention has been paid to the inclusion of different effects, attacks, articulations and new forms of notation. The movements are presented in progressive order of difficulty and are based on a tone row.

Difficulty guide: 8-9
Difficulty level, roughly compared to ABRSM exam grades. 0 is beginner, 9 is advanced (beyond grade 8).


  • Prelude (polyrhythm)
  • Caprice  - Diverse effects: Attack, ornamentation, appoggiaturas, frullato, tremelo and glissando
  • Humoresque - notes grouped over the barline, harmonics, glissandi and different types of articulation
  • Sunrise - glissando, different rhythmical figures, attacks and effects
  • Soliloque - different time signatures, voiced and instrumental attacks, harmonics (flageolet), key slapping
  • Aphorism - harmonics with different fingerings, trills between harmonic and normal fingerings, glissandi and notes without stems
  • Idyll - key slapping, different tonal attacks and differing rhythmical patterns
  • Sketch - study with time signature
  • Ide fixe - different notations for triplets and quadruplets and note values according to their spacing
  • ....and Inversion - this movement presents the same elements as the previous study but with inverted intervals
  • Remembrance - study without time signature
  • Rustic Miniature - trills and tremelos with and without indication of number of oscillations
  • Profile - articulation in strict tempo
  • Divertissement - study without time signature and practice of sound and fingerings in uppermost register
  • Interlude - precise articulation.  Slow glissandi, harmonics at the octave and fifth
  • Arabesque - improvisation - stems without notes, sharpening and flattening of notes in indicated bars
  • Mirage - study without time signature, long runs, trill figures, complicated combinations of fingering in fast passages
  • Portrait - study without time signature.  Articulation, quarter-tone glissando, key slaps, stems without notes
  • Fantasy - study without time signature.  Stems without notes and notes without stems, improvisation, effects and complicated fingerings in fast tempi
  • Image - notes without stems, improvisation on given figurations.  Indication of duration in seconds above the stave gives tempo and thereby structure
  • In Miniature - traditional and new notation.  Lengthening of beams indicates relative lengthening of note values.  Commas provide structure and indicate the phrasing of the material.
  • Improvisation - rubato
  • Painting - different functions of the slur: tied notes, legato and lengthening of notes
  • Postlude - tempo is indicated by given durations in seconds.

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