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Jonathan Myall Music recognises that its day-to-day operations and products have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. Jonathan Myall Music is fully committed to minimising the pollution and harmful effects of its actions and products wherever practicable.

As a result Jonathan Myall Music will:-

  • Comply with all relevant global environmental legislation and regulatory controls
  • Minimise waste and paper usage, maximise use of resources and prevent pollution in all parts of the business. Saving energy is of particular importance.
  • Identify significant environmental & social impacts and establish objectives and targets for improvement.
  • Review, monitor and improve the Company's environmental performance against set targets.
  • Audit the Company's activities against this policy to confirm environmental improvement.
  • Communicate this policy and the Company environmental performance to customers, suppliers and the public.
  • Ensure all employees are made accountable for these policy goals through training and communication of environmental issues throughout the company
  • Encourage all employees to be proactive in the maintenance and further development of the company environmental management system
  • Increase stakeholder involvement in corporate environmental initiatives

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure its continuing effectiveness.

Last updated: 14/02/2016 08:12 GMT