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The Importance of Regular Ear Health Tests for Musicians

We’ve just had ours done – here’s why you should, too.

As musicians, it goes without saying that hearing is the sense that we rely on the most. Most of us will go to the optician for regular check-ups and sight tests: is it time that we treated our ears as well as we treat our eyes?

We recently had the lovely people at Auris Ear Care in to our shop to give our staff ear check-ups. Auris offer a travelling service, who will travel to you or your place of work and give your ears a thorough check over.

The results were quite surprising! Most of us were in great aural shape. A few of us needed wax removal (Auris use microsuction which is quick and effective), and one of our staff had an infection that they were completely unaware of. Fortunately, Auris caught this infection before it had the chance to cause any damage or hearing loss, and that member of staff walked away with a prescription. Everyone came away feeling reassured, and those of us who had the microsuction noticed a significant improvement to the clarity of our hearing, including one member of staff who is partially deaf.

Of our five senses, our hearing is most essential to our livelihoods, and we believe that it’s time we treated our ears with the respect they deserve.

Auris Ear Care visited us in September 2022. They offer ear health consultations and ear wax removal in London and will visit you at home or place of work.