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Returning an item

Please request a Returns Number (RN) using Self Service Returns before returning an item.

If you return an item without an RN, it is likely to delay your refund or exchange. This is because we are a small company and need to work as efficiently as possible. We receive large amounts of post daily, and of course someone needs to sort through this. Items with an RN are taken straight for processing, where they can be efficiently dealt with in a matter of minutes: we are able to immediately find the RN on our system, locate the return and action it.

On items without an RN, we need to open your item, take it to the correct department, search our system to locate your order, and then create the return on our system manually. We may not necessarily know the return reason or action you would like us to take, so we may need to contact you. In the case of faulty items, we may not know exactly in which way an item is faulty, and may need to contact you. Your item might not qualify for a return and we may need to post it back to you, incurring you further costs. For our small team, just a couple of returns like this a day can take a member of staff as much as an hour to resolve, and at busy periods we are pushed for time to do this.

Getting an RN is easy and takes just a couple of minutes of your time, but helps our operation run smoothly and efficiently, so we thank you in advance for helping us out. Request your Returns Number at Self-Service Returns.

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