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Flute Reference Books

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Flute Notes
Flute: An Autobiography
by R. Adeney
Temporarily Unavailable
Not available
Present Day Flutes
by P. Artaud
Readings in the History of the Flute
Edited by R. Bigio
Taffanel: Genius of the Flute
by E. Blakeman
The Ten Rules of Flute
by J. Blank
Music, Tectonics and Flute Playing
by Z. Bruderhans
Temporarily Unavailable
Not available
Handbuch Querflöte (German text)
by G. Busch-Salmen & A. Krause-Pichler
Concerning the Flute
by R. de Reede
The Simple Flute From A to Z
by M. Debost
The Simple Flute from A to Z
by M. Debost
The Other Flute
by R. Dick
The Gilbert Legacy
by A. Floyd
by J. Galway
The Complete Piccolo
by J. Gippo
by L. Goodwin
Activity Pack
by R. Haldane
Jewels of the Trade
by R. Haldane
The Games Teachers Play
by R. Haldane
The Flute Player's Book
by V. Hill
A Word or Two on The Flute
by W.N. James
The Advanced Flutist
by W. Kincaid & C. Polin
The Musician's Way
by G. Klickstein
Circular Breathing
by T. Kynaston
The Flute Tune-Up Manual
by J. Landell