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Blow Them Away


From the Publisher

Blow Them Away has tow levels of meaning. In the vernacular, the obvious idea of building to a climax and 'blowing away the audience'; and also, on a deeper level, I wanted to communicate the idea of a gradual 'transformation'  of one's spirit - a lifting up of mood from melancholy to a sense of exuberance and freedom - and 'blow away' the blues. The piece evolves from the main motifs which gradually change their idendity.

Performance duration (approx): 7 mins

Item Details


  • Part 1: Piccolo
  • Part 2: Flute
  • Part 3: Flute
  • Part 4: Flute
  • Part 5: Flute
  • Part 6: Alto Flute
  • Part 7: Bass Flute
  • Part 8: Contrabass Flute
Category: Flute Choir Music: 8 Mixed Flutes
Publisher: Nourse Wind Publications
Our Stock Code: 1398892
Media Type: Paperback - Score and parts (20 pages [score])