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Trinity College London Flute Jazz Grade 8 (2017-2022)

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Either Scales and Arpeggios (from memory) or Exercises (music may be used)

  1. Using the tonal/ modal centre C, E and Ab/G#: major scale followed by major 7th arpeggio, Dorian scale followed by minor 7th arpeggio, Mixolydian scale followed by major arpeggio with a lowered 7th (C7, E7, Ab7 & Db7)
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  2. Whole tone scale (tonal centre C) followed by augmented arpeggio, Jazz melodic minor scale followed by minor arpeggio with major 7th, Chromatic Scale starting on C
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  3. Diminished 7th arpeggio starting on C, Pentatonic major scale starting on Ab, Pentatonic minor scale starting on E, Blues scale starting on C#
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