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Trinity College London Flute Grade 5 (2017-2022)

Exam Music Finder


The examiner will select from the following to be played from memory

  1. A, E, Ab and Eb major: 2 octaves, C, F, C# and F# minor (candidate's choice of either harmonic or melodic or natural minor): 2 octaves, Chromatic scale starting on E: 2 octaves, Pentatonic (major) scale starting on C (starting on lowest C): 2 octaves
    Available in:
  2. Arpeggios: A, E, Ab and Eb major: 2 octaves, C, F, C# & F# minor: 2 octaves, Dominant 7th in the key of Ab: 2 octaves, Diminished 7th in the key of F#: 2 octaves
    Available in: