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ABRSM Clarinet Grade 8 (from 2018)

Exam Syllabus Music

Scales & Arpeggios

Scales and arpeggios from memory, to be played both slurred and tongued in the keys of: B, C, Eb majors and minors, F#, G majors and minors; Extended Range Scales in the keys of A major & E harmonic minor; Scales in Thirds: D major & F major; Chromatic Scales starting on B, C, & Eb (2 octaves), F# & G (3 octaves); Whole-tone Scales starting on Db (2 oct) & E (3 oct); Extended Range Arpeggios in A major & E minor; Dominant Sevenths in the keys of E, F & Ab (2 oct), in the keys of B & C (3 oct); Diminished Sevenths starting on B, C & Eb (2 oct), starting on F# & G (3 oct)

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