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Trinity College London Flute Jazz Grade 8

Exam Syllabus Music


Either Scales and Arpeggios (from memory) or Exercises (music may be used)

  1. Diminished 7th arpeggio starting on C, Pentatonic major scale starting on Ab, Pentatonic minor scale starting on E, Blues scale starting on C#
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  2. Using the tonal/ modal centre C, E and Ab/G#: major scale followed by major 7th arpeggio, Dorian scale followed by minor 7th arpeggio, Mixolydian scale followed by major arpeggio with a lowered 7th (C7, E7, Ab7 & Db7)
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  3. Whole tone scale (tonal centre C) followed by augmented arpeggio, Jazz melodic minor scale followed by minor arpeggio with major 7th, Chromatic Scale starting on C
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