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Tony Dixon DX030 Three-Piece Traditional Flute in D


£140.83 exclusive of VAT (EU Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

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Manufacturer's Description

This instrument is a direct descendant of the wooden flutes that the company designed and made many years ago. This low maintenance Acetal (Delrin) flute is made to this same specification. The Flute is designed along the same principal as the simple systems flutes being made of three separate sections which allows for some degree of alteration to hole alignment to help with comfortable playing. Low maintenance traditional cork joints make for positive assembly, the application of cork grease of similar will be necessary periodically to maintain a good seal. The cork joints and brass end rings make for a classy feeling whistle with a nod to traditional instruments.

Our Description

This flute is an ideal introduction to the world of traditional and Irish instruments. With a three-piece design allowing easy tuning and adjustment, and ABS construction meaning not having to worry about cracks or movement in the wood.


  • Traditional Irish-style keyless flute in D
  • ABS throughout
  • Tapered bore for a fuller sound in the bottom register
  • Cork joints
  • Brass rings
  • Tuneable three-piece design
  • Made in the UK

What's Included

  • Protective pouch

Item Details

Manufacturer: Tony Dixon
Model number: DX030
Category: Traditional Flutes and Piccolos

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