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Tony Dixon "Trad" Brass High D Whistle with ABS Head


Price excluding VAT (EU Export price): £15.83

Manufacturer's Description

The Trad is one of our most popular whistles with is simple traditional design. It comes in a choice of brass or solid nickel body. The nickel we use is solid cupro nickel (copper/nickel alloy) rather than plated, it's the same material as is commonly used in your silver money.

We have found the brass has a sweeter tone than the nickel which might be, as the foundry tells us, because its 20% harder than the brass. Other than this the main difference being that the brass will inevitably tarnish faster.

Our Description



  • ABS head
  • Brass body tube
  • Tuneable

Item Details

Manufacturer: Tony Dixon
Model number: Trad
Category: Celtic Whistles