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Ton Kooiman Prima Flute Thumbrest, Silver


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Manufacturer's Description

Making music can be very relaxing - but it is also demanding, especially when you are playing at a high level. If you want to prevent long and short term physical problems, it is essential that you use an ergonomically adapted instrument. The Prima Thumbrest helps you to easily realise this adaptation.

The location of the flute's keywork, slightly off-centre on top of the instrument, causes flutes to roll over towards the player, especially when going from one octave to another. This causes tension in fingers and hands (and, consequently, in arms and shoulders), which may result in symptoms.

The Kooiman Prima Thumbrest makes it much easier to balance the flute. Fingers and hand can be relaxed, inciting a correct position of the fingers. The enhanced freedom of the fingers makes it easier to play fast and technical phrases. Also, the pressure of the flute against the lips is reduced.

Our Description

  • Ergonomic flute thumb rest
  • Securely fastens to the instrument
  • Fully adjustable
  • Will not damage the flute
  • Transparent with black clip

Item Details

Manufacturer: Ton Kooiman
Category: Flute Thumb and Finger Rests