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Tenor Horn and Baritone Music

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Top Line [Eb Tenor Horn]
Smooth Groove [Tenor Horn]
by D. Blakeson
Star Turn
by G. Glyn
Party Pieces [Eb Tenor Horn]
by M. Goddard
Undercover Hits [Eb Horn]
by A. Gout
Tenor Horn Eurhythmics
by A. Green
The Really Easy Tenor Horn Book
by C. Gunning & L. Pearson
Winners Galore for Eb Horn
by P. Lawrance
Cornucopia [Eb Tenor Horn]
by O. Ledbury
Elegie for Eb Horn
by F. Poulenc
Latino [Eb Tenor Horn]
by R. Ramskill
Going Solo [Eb Tenor Horn]
by J. Wallace & L. Pearson
All Jazzed Up [Eb Tenor Horn]
by C. Wilson-Smith