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Bremner Sshhmute Trumpet/Cornet Practice Mute

by Bremner

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Our Description

The primary benefit of the sshhmute design is the very small amount of back-pressure it creates. Most practice mutes change the resistance significantly. With Sshhmutes, the player experiences virtually no change in resistance, making practice a really valid exercise. The mutes allow for better air supply, while still opening and developing the throat muscles. The mute also remains in tune and faithfully accurate throughout the entire range.


  • Trumpet/cornet practice mute
  • Offers very little resistance
  • Made from lightweight, hard-wearing, ABS plastic with no parts to break or fall off
  • Does just what it says on the tin - Sshh! Won’t disturb the neighbours and can be used for warm-ups even right behind the stage
  • Lightweight - does not disturb the normal balance or tuning of the instrument

Manufacturer: Bremner
Category: Trumpet Mutes