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Tango Meets Jazz
Includes CD

This item is discontinued. It is not available for sale.

From the Publisher

Tango – that's not just a 'classical' dance form but, in addition, pretty much a philosophy of life, yet in any case a 'bath' in the whirlpool of emotions. This volume contains 10 tangos, including such popular pieces as 'Jalousie', 'El Choclo', 'Por una Cabeza' and even more recent classics such as 'Adiós Nonino' by Astor Piazzolla. The arrangement for piano tried to do justice to the specific sound image of the tango as much as possible. Each tango comes together with a jazzy piece in which, in most cases, the preceding tango is newly interpreted in a jazz-related style, but sometimes is combined in pairs with a new composition. Whether it is an arrangement or a new composition, the idea always comes from the tango itself. For instance, the corn cob ('El Choclo') is made into a corn dish with a tangy sauce ('Choclo con Salsa'), while fiery jealousy ('Jalousie') serves to light a Cuban cigar ('Le Cigare Jaloux'). An unhappy lover tries his luck at the races ('Por una Cabeza'), where he might be advised to bet on Spanish horses ('Caballos Españoles'). Astor Piazzolla wrote his piece 'Adiós Nonino' after the death of his father: jazzing this up would be totally inappropriate. The 'Preludio del Ángel' that follows it is a new composition inspired by Piazzolla and Bach.


  1. Gardel: Por una Cabeza
  2. Korn: Caballos Espanoles
  3. Villoldo: El Choclo
  4. Korn: Choclo con Salsa
  5. Piazzolla: Adios Nonino
  6. Korn: Preludio del Angel
  7. S. Benfatto: Tango della Pioggia
  8. Korn: Pioggia Minore
  9. J. Gade: Jalousie
  10. Korn: Le Cigare Jaloux
  11. Korn: La Premonicion
  12. Albéniz: Tango
  13. Korn: Fuego Congelado
  14. Korn: Blues in Red and Black
  15. Arolas: Derecho Viejo
  16. Korn: Derecho Boogie
  17. Seiber: Tango
  18. Korn: Little Tango Swing
  19. Malycheva: Tango
  20. Korn: Waltz for Lena

Item Details


  • Part 1: Piano
Category: Classical Piano Albums
Publisher: Schott
Publisher's reference: ED20878
Our Stock Code: 1465150
Media Type: Paperback (77 pages [score]); includes accompaniment CD