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Levit Solid Handmade Modified Acoustic RBEC#/GS14R Flute

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Manufacturer's Description

Modified Acoustic vs Standard Acoustic: The Acoustical Differences

Each flutist approaches the flute in a unique way. Each requires and desires personal specific tonal demands from the flute to achieve their musical intent and goals. With this in mind, Levit Flutes has developed and incorporated an alteration to the interior structure of each instrument to help expand the acoustical properties without altering the scale.

Modified Acoustic

For the flutist who desires a freer, more open and less dense air flow. Players may notice more consistency and less interruption between each octave. The instrument will respond more quickly to subtle and immediate dynamic changes. Flexibility, power and variations to tonal colors can be achieved with ease and less effort.

Standard Acoustic

For the flutist who prefers an instrument which allows for the player to exert more control over the manipulation of tonal variations and colors. Players may notice a thicker and more direct feel of the air flow. The instrument achieves its power and dynamic range through greater air pressure and control while still retaining flexibility and subtlety.

Our Description

Lev Levit has worked in the Boston flute scene for many years. He began making flutes in 1993 at Powell Flutes, where he rapidly rose to department supervisor. He honed his skills at Brannen Brothers Flutemakers from 1999, until in 2010 he decided to pursue his dream of designing and handcrafting his own flute. In 2012 he established the Levit Flute Company.

The Levit flute is constructed from only the highest quality materials and built using the most precise manufacturing processes. Scales and headjoint designs can be traced directly back to the work of Albert Cooper, while nearly all of the keywork was designed by Bickford Brannen for the Oston-Brannen flute - and is both comfortable and strong. The Levit Flute meets the highest expectations of today’s flute players.


Item Details

Manufacturer: Levit Flute Company
Category: Solid Throughout Flutes

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