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Ex-Demo Miyazawa BR925-2REH "Type 2" Flute

£6,829.17 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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  • Workshop Approved

Buy second hand with confidence

Unless stated otherwise, all of our pre-owned, ex-demo and ex-display instruments are cleaned and checked, set up or serviced in our workshop prior to sale.

Our Description

Miyazawa flutes are played by a large number of professional players, including Clare Southworth and Ian Clarke. Miyazawa, along with Altus, are one of the most forward-looking flute makers today, having sought new materials and keywork systems, such as the 'Brogger System™' available on their models 602 and above.

The highly-rated 'Brogger System™' mechanism, exclusively available on Miyazawa flutes, increases the action speed and stability of the keywork on the flute: using non-rotating shafts and back connectors for all the main line keys, the most common binding keywork and misadjustments are eliminated. In addition, the thumb key mechanism is significantly altered to reduce the stress on this key (which often takes the brunt of any wear and tear on the flute).

The Brogger System - "The most advanced and stable mechanism available"

The Brogger System was designed by Danish flutemaker Johan Brogger, who gained international recognition with his Brogger Mekanik design. His latest innovation, the Brogger System, available only on Miyazawa flutes, advances his original concept and includes the ground-breaking Brogger Thumb Key Mechanism design. Featuring an innovative pinless mechanism with a curved coupling rod construction, enhanced ergonomic design and precise thumb key mechanism, the Brogger System will help elevate your performance.

Other benefits include: The capability to perfectly adjust and balance the spring tension of each individual key, resulting in a more even and effortless feel for the flute player. The mechanism also has a sleek one-piece rod and kicker construction. This simplified solution provides more structural integrity for a stronger, more stable and precise mechanism. Reduced friction and less wear between moving parts, faster action and incredibly smooth mechanical function allow the performer to have a virtuosic advantage and complete confidence in their flute.

The Brogger Thumb Key Mechanism is a pioneering design that eliminates the necessity of flat springs and provides a more secure, comfortable fit in a player's hand. Traditional thumb key mechanisms require flat springs which have contact on the body of the flute. Whenever the thumb B or Bb in depressed, the flat springs rub on the body of the flute causing friction and wear. The innovative Brogger Thumb Key Mechanism enables the use of the same springs as on the mainline keys with additional desirable advantages:

  • Efficient and more responsive key action;
  • Less wear for increased stability and longevity;
  • Thumb post located in an out-of-the-way position for smoother, more secure playing;
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue

General Condition

This flute has been tried in our showroom and on a couple of exhibitions and has a couple of minor cosmetic blemishes (barely visible) which means we are unable to sell this item as "brand new". It has been checked and prepared for sale in our workshop.

About Miyazawa

Miyazawa Flutes was founded in 1969 by Masashi Miyazawa. Mr. Miyazawa founded the company with a dream to create a better instrument. With his background in the design and manufacture of professional flutes, Miyazawa successfully brought together traditional craftsmanship with advanced technologies, a principle which still applies today. This dedication to the best of the old and the new gave birth to an instrument that exceeded even his lofty expectations. In 2005, Miyazawa introduced the Brögger System™. Designed by famed flutemaker Johan Brögger, the Brögger System™ features an innovative pinless mechanism allowing precise adjustments and balance of the spring tension of each individual key, resulting in a more even, effortless feel for the flutist. This mechanism is exclusively available on Miyazawa flutes.


What's Included

  • Leather-bound wood case
  • Flock-lined case cover with carry handle, side pocket and detachable shoulder strap
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • Inner cleaning gauze
  • Microfibre polishing cloth

Item Details

Item number: 1449556 (Please quote this Item Number if you contact us about this item)
Manufacturer: Miyazawa
Model number: BR925-2REH
Category: Pre-Owned Professional Flutes