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Eva Kingma Handmade Horizontal/Upright Bass Flute

£13,750.00 excluding VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
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Manufacturer's Description

Kingma Bass flutes are renowned worldwide for their flexibility, response and power over all registers. With the increase in available repertoire and the versatility of today's musicians, the use of bass flutes has dramatically increased in recent years. It is possible to offer a solution for any performance task. The very ergonomic design and well balanced mechanism of a Kingma Bass flute has resulted in much more comfort during performance and rehearsal. This stimulates the player to use it more and more. We are convinced that this instrument has gained the respect it deserves. We feel honoured to present a scale for the bass flute designed by Albert Cooper. A Kingma Bass flute is silver plated and comes with a solid silver head joint, silver lip plate and embouchure. All instruments are built to a scale of A=442 Hz (or adjusted on request). Every instrument is delivered with a custom made case, nylon case cover and cleaning rod.

About Eva Kingma

Eva Kingma specialises in making the 'lower' sounding flutes. They produce a wide range of flutes including Alto, Bass, Contrabass and Sub contrabass flutes. Their flutes are hand-made and have dedicated time and effort towards building instruments that suit the requirements and physical needs of their customers. The results of their endeavours have led to the development of a line of instruments with increased musical potential which all began with the development of the open-hole alto flute. Following the innovation of the "Key-on-Key mechanism" and the patented "Kingma System ®", a series of open-hole and quarter-tone Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes were created. As a result of the inspiring collaboration with Bickford Brannen, a full quarter-tone C-flute with the patented Kingma System® is now available at Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. and Sankyo flutes.


What's Included

  • Horizontal and upright headjoints with conversion kit
  • Wiseman case
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • Microfibre pullthrough

Item Details

Manufacturer: Eva Kingma
Category: Bass Flutes