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BG CPFLP Flute And Piccolo "Combo Pack"


£37.50 exclusive of VAT (UK Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)

Our Description

The BG Flute and Piccolo "Combo Pack" is designed as a complete cleaning kit for the flute and piccolo.

The pack consists of:

  • Headjoint and body microfibre pouch swabs - absorbant pouches to go over the cleaning rod, enabling you to clean right to the corners of the headjoint
  • Pad dryer - to clean sticky pads & tone hole, replacing cigarette papers
  • Microfibre care glove - to keep the outside of the instruments clean without directly touching with your hands

What's Included

  • A32FK - Body and head joint swab (flute)
  • A39K - Body and head joint swab (piccolo)
  • A62G - Care glove
  • A65F - Pad dryer

Item Details

Manufacturer: BG Franck Bichon
Model number: CPFLP
Category: Flute and Piccolo Cleaning Accessories