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Product Reviews: Gypsy Music for C Instruments (includes CD)

Arranged by Gumdula Gruen

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Really interesting introduction to Gypsy Music”

Reviewed by Hannah, 11 years ago
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A great variety of different pieces in this book, all with useful short descriptions of the songs' meanings and tips on style and ornamentation. The music is well printed and the CD is really well recorded, the only complaint I'd have it that it is one of those ones without separate playalong and backing tracks meaning you have to change the left/right balance of your speakers to have just the backing track which is unfortunate if like me, your cd player had built in speakers with no balance control! To be fair though with 64 tracks in total it might be a bit too much to expect each of those twice!
All round, I'd say this is definitely worth a look if you have an interest in gypsy music. The book is for instruments in the key of C rather than specifically flutes so you have to play some of the pieces an octave higher than written but they still sound great, the description of grades 4-7 seems to me accurate although some of the "virtuoso" pieces towards the end I'll be giving a miss as they strike me as much more suited to the violin (which they would have been composed for) than the flute.
Still this gets a definite 5 stars from me, really fun, interesting music to play and with 64 different tunes, much better value for money than a lot of albums!

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