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Product Reviews: Music Practice Diary - How to Practice

How to Practice


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5 out of 5 “Excellent organiser”

Reviewed by Michael, 2 years ago
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I bought this diary to organise my flute learning.
Several action sections:
Target for the year: this might be for the teacher to set . but you have some space to set your own target. Useful to have this in mind as you go along
Then there are tasks for the Autumn, Winter and Summer Term.
Then the core has opposed pages for today's lesson and next lesson. I used this to take notes about what my teacher told me I should learn or improve. In the For next lesson: this is divided in two columns, what to practice, how to practice, so you know what you have to do under 3 titles: Technique, Pieces, Other. The right column is "the practicce of practice" how you will go about to approach say scales (say, play very slowly, increase the metronome incrementally.
Tone colour: how to place your mouth on the embouchure. Careful not to squeak the notes.
There's a time control, when did you practice? where you can tick the day you did , say Monday, Tuesday, but not Wednesday etc.
There's a colour for each term. You have enough for each term. I find this a very comprehensive diary. As a bonus, at the end, there are reminders on how to practice, for instance about scales the suggestions to learn are: Vary the notes, vary the rhythm, free variation. It's a pleasing size (A5) , easy to put your own ( and Teacher's notea and parents' notes). Very complete. Highly recommended

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