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Product Reviews: 'Dizi' Chinese Bamboo Flute


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3.5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

3 out of 5 “flute seems ok but not the key as stated”

Reviewed by Clare, 1 year ago
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It's worth knowing that the stated key is not correct. It will say C on it but it is actually in G. This is normal for Dizi flutes but worth knowing if you actually want on in C or D.

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4 out of 5 “Chinese 'Dizi' flutes in F and D”

Reviewed by Kate, 6 years ago
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The two Dizi Chinese bamboo flutes in D and F that I purchased from you are really lovely to play. They compare very favourably with the other Dizis I have, which were originally bought about 20 years ago in China, (although made out of a different type of bamboo and in the inconvenient keys of E and B).

I was impressed with their tuning and tone quality and also with their responsiveness in all registers. The Di Mo that came with them were also of good quality (I was only sent one pack of Di Mo for 2 flutes - given their delicate nature and the tendency for breaking on application to the Mo Kong hole,
another pack would have been really welcome (I still have some left, but would like another pack - I did telephone for another, but it didn't arrive ......could you send one please.....?).

Wonderful instruments to play on. We had our debut at the Royal Albert Hall last Thursday night.

Would love to have a translation of the poems on them and also the name of the maker.

Thank you for making them available for purchase in the UK - I have some pupils who are really interested in playing Dizi now!

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