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Product Reviews: Robert Bigio Grenadilla Flute Headjoint

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5 out of 5 “Just perfect, especially for old Rudall Carte wooden flutes”

Reviewed by Felicity, 5 years ago
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Being the lucky owner of a wonderful old wooden Rudall Carte flute, I wanted to find a modern head that would be sympathetic to this lovely old instrument, as the original RC head was not that easy to play at 440. On occasions, the flute was blowing very slightly flat and I was having to lip it up. Having tried in the shop several modern handmade wooden heads by different makers, I found the Bigio head was by far the best out of the lot of them and quite reasonably priced in comparison with some of the others on offer. Personally, I think it makes a fabulous sound, is easy blowing, good for neat articulation, gives much more flexibility in pitch/tuning than the original RC head and makes the instrument lighter and easier to handle. You can also purchase a wooden sleeve for an additional £100. It does make the flute look considerably neater not having the cork showing between head and body and so I would say is a good investment. To be honest, I really can't think of anything negative to say about Bigio heads, as I find they are superb for improving the playability of old wooden flutes and Robert has specially designed them for Rudall Cartes. You can also use them on your modern metal flutes to get that distinct mellow sound of wood without having to invest in a whole wooden flute. Highly recommended. :-)

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