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Product Reviews: Altus 807 Flute

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)

5 out of 5 “Beautiful Tone”

Reviewed by Esther, 10 years ago
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I needed a step-up flute as my old Jupiter was struggling in the top register. I made a special journey to Just Flutes to choose my new flute and came armed with a list of flutes I wished to try. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and provided me with a practise room and all the flutes on my list to have a go on. After I had fussed about for a good hour I was torn between two flutes -an Azumi and a Trevor James - and could not decide between them. I asked the sales person to see some more flutes and the Altus 807 was among was love at first play. The flute has a beautiful tone and great projection. I found I could play with ease notes in the high register that had previously brought tears to the eyes of all my neighbourhood dogs (and not in a good way). I can't recommend this flute and Just Flutes enough. They are both a real class act.

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5 out of 5 “Amazing flute.”

Reviewed by Paul, 1 year ago
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I have owned 4 variations of the 807 over the years.
Closed hole offset g with e mechanism
Open hole in line
Closed hole offset g with open g sharp
& Currently open hole offset g with open g sharp.
I have got 3 of these from just flutes & I must admit they are a fantastic people to deal with.
As it has taken me a long time to settle down with my new flute.
It has a really big sound that just leaps out of the flute .
I have learned to stop trying to push the sound & let the flute do it's job.
For anyone who is thinking about changing to the Open G sharp system I found that Trevor Wye's Technique book 2 played slowly was a great help in helping me to adapt to the change from closed g sharp.
This has now become a flute that I can't part with & when finance's allow I will be looking for another Altus flute with open g sharp to compliment my current flute.
I have become convinced that for me open g sharp is the system I favor.
Many thanks to Adam & Ian with their patience & help.

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