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Product Reviews: Pearl PF-665 "Quantz" Flute

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 (3 reviews)

5 out of 5 “ a taste of freedom”

Reviewed by Pascale, 11 years ago
(Unverified Purchase)

For the last 30 years I 've been playing on a yamaha that I bought second hand with my first salary , back in France where I used to live ( I'M FRENCH) . Only 7 years ago did I serviced it, when I decided to play it again seriously ( after having raised 5 children, all musicians). Professionals around me have always been telling me I had a very good tone , so I've never tried another instrument, except the ones , the beginners ' ones , played by the pupils I teach as a hobby. Recently, out ''of the blue'',one of my pupil was offered a new flute by a parishionner ( he is a priest) but decided to give it to me, as he thought there was no pointfor him to have another one than the one he has just started playing.So .... last week he gave it to me , completely aware that '' the flute was a very good one'' ('' but not for him!'').... I played it, a little bit reticent, as I am very attached to my very old friend( which has open keyholes by the way!)... couldn't believe how easy it was for me to play.The sound was just so clear, so pure! My husband, who is a sound engineer, decided to play a musical game and guess which flute I was playing by closing his eyes and naming one of the 2 flutes , and got it right all the time ! My old flute had- according to him- a '' mellow'' sound ,while the 665 ...(no keys holes...:( ) had such a vibrant sound! I can't explain how I have been feeling a release in my playing since this flute was given to me : a heaven sent!the high notes, I don't dread them in advance,my low C always come strong,reaching the high notes is plain sailing and the dreaded high E( dreaded for me !) is easy peasy!I know now that I was in need for a better one but could not have afforded one as my kids's instruments were a priority in our finances.I am playing on average 2 hours a day, including in the kitchen while cooking, and can't believe my luck!As for the ''french'' position of some keys , I haven't felt a difference, that was the way my Yamaha flute displayed hers anyway.I came accross your site this week was very happy to see the review a certain Gareth gave and want to say that, yes, it is true the Pearl flutes are very very good flutes ! Pascalou

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5 out of 5 “A big step up”

Reviewed by Alan, 10 years ago
Verified Purchase

My old flute was a TJ10X and this Pearl flute felt like a very big step up. Upper and lower octaves now seem to be as easy to get as the middle. All with lovely tone. The silver plated body and bottom joint seem almost as solid as the solid silver head. I think that this will be all the flute I will ever need.

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5 out of 5 “I didn't know I could still do it!”

Reviewed by Jacqueline, 7 years ago
(Unverified Purchase)

Having not picked up a flute for over 25 years, my husband "kindly" bought me a J Michael flute for Christmas.

I struggled to play and developed a fetching nickel rash after just 2 days.

I contacted Just Flutes and purchased a pre-owned Pearl 665e, and now I'm playing (in my mind at least) as good as I was all those years ago!

It's a beautiful instrument, with all notes easily attained, and the sound is pure. The French pointed arms are very pretty to look at too!

The only downside is that my daughter now also wants one!

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