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Product Reviews: Michael J Allen Pinchbeck Alto Flute Headjoint

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5.0 out of 5 (1 review)

5 out of 5 “Responsiveness, clarity, beauty of sound... Amazing!”

Reviewed by Cyril, 7 years ago
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This headjoint is properly wonderful! Beautiful work of mouth! It offers a wide range of colours and shades. The sound is gorgeous, and you can play pianissimo as well as fortissimo (within the limits of the instrument of course, don't forget it's an alto flute...) with great ease. Very responsive, this M. J. Allen headjoint allows the player sound accuracy, incredible fast tonguing, always being in tune! I really loved the genuine headjoint of my "Trevor James Masters serie" for its velvety sound, and I thought I would never replace it, but I am forced to admit this one is of a much higher quality! It makes your alto flute (even with a simple silver-plated body) a prominent instrument, not only an orchestra band instrument, but a solo instrument which has nothing to envy the concert flute! I never tried all silver Mike Allen headjoints- no doubt that they are excellent - but for my part I'm very satisfied with pinchbeck.

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