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Product Reviews: Guo 'Tocco Plus' Composite Flute

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 (3 reviews)

4 out of 5 “A good innovative instrument with a bit of character”

Reviewed by John, 8 years ago
(Unverified Purchase)

I purchased this instrument so I had a flute that was lightweight and would not strain a previous shoulder injury in the way my silver flute can. I wanted to increase my practice regime and also have an instrument I could leave on the peg without it tarnishing, something I really hate with Silver flutes to the point of being obsessive!


The instrument is indeed lightweight. It is easy to hold with ergonomic keys encouraging good finger positioning. The New Voice head joint is free blowing and makes for easy high registers without much effort. It does feel slightly limiting compared to my Altus Solid Silver flute but then it is a fraction of the price. The tone is similar to a wood instrument creating a rich and warm sound well suited to Irish or Baroque music. Everyone I have played it for likes the tone and the colours attract the interest of other musicians, mine is Mint green, and my fellow orchestra players refer to it as my iFlute!

The instrument is supplied in a stylish Aluminium case with a cloth/fleece carry case.


The key action can be a bit spongy due to the design of the pads but nothing that becomes obtrusive when playing it. The 'C' key is an unusual design which overlaps the A key and is raised, this takes a bit of getting used to but in no way feels uncomfortable and is part of the typical innovation Guo that this range of flutes are known for.


A nice easy instrument to play which I can just leave on the peg and pick up for 10 minutes practice whenever I want. Met the need perfectly but I will still turn to my Silver Altus when I get serious about playing.

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5 out of 5 “Totally in love 🥰 ”

Reviewed by Nora, 1 year ago
Verified Purchase

Got my Tocco+ Hyacinthus today and I’m in love with it right away🥰🤩

I own a grey New Voice and a Grenaditte II. However, I found that Tocco+ is the easiest one to play with and the sound it produces is so sweet and the dynamic range is broad. I’m very much surprised the moment I played it.

Need some time to adjust my embouchure though. Love the colour. Love the touch of the keys🥰

And as previous reviews mentioned, I can leave this on the peg and play whenever and wherever I want.

I still love my silver flute though🤪 but they are way sooooo much heavier. I can play and chill with my Guo flutes much longer than with my silver flute😂

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5 out of 5 “So happy with the nice flute”

Reviewed by Ruth, 3 months ago
Verified Purchase

Thank you. I am very happy with this flute. It is easy to play and very light. I appriciate to take this flute with me anywhere.

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