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Romantic Piano Album


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Arrangements of both Elton John’s Can you Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King and Yann Tiersen’s Amélie’s Waltz from the film Amélie feature amongst this collection of new piano solos from Nicolai Podgornov.Following the success of his first album, he has created an assortment of musical surprises for middle-grade pianists.The pieces range from dreamy to energetic but all provide stimulating and expressive moments at the piano. Nicolai Podgornov writes: “I hope that every romantic – no matter what age – discovers something of interest in this album and finds pleasure in playing these pieces.”


  • Podgornov, Nicolai: A Night in Venice
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Melancholia
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Waltz No. 1
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Loneliness
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Ragtime on the Typewriter
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: By the Fireside
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: From 1001 Nights
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Reflections of Spain
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Kitten on a Roof
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: For You
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Waltz No. 2
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Rêves de Monmartre
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: In the Moonlight
  • Podgornov, Nicolai: Thank God It's Friday
  • John, Elton: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  • Tiersen, Yann: La Valse D'Amelie, Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain

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