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Musical Instrument Rental

Our Rental scheme is perfect if you're thinking of learning a new instrument without committing to a purchase.

Take out a brand new instrument and make affordable monthly rental payments - if you decide not to continue playing it, return it at any time. Otherwise, ownership transfers to you after 18 months!

We are not currently accepting rental applications. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Rent to Buy Straight Flutes

Rent to Buy Curved Head Flutes

Rent to Buy Step up Flutes

Rent to Buy Student Piccolos

  • Just Flutes JPC-31 Piccolo

    Just Flutes JPC-31 Piccolo

    £19.61 per month

  • Just Flutes JPC-35 Piccolo

    Just Flutes JPC-35 Piccolo

    £26.74 per month

  • Yamaha YPC-32 Piccolo

    £48.13 per month

Rent to Buy Step Up Piccolos

Rent to Buy Soprano Saxophones

Rent to Buy Alto Saxophones

Rent to Buy Tenor Saxophones

Rent to Buy Oboes

Rent to Buy Bassoons

  • JP191 Short Reach Bassoon

    JP191 Short Reach Bassoon

    £135.40 per month

UK residents only. There is a minimum rental period of nine months, after which time you may return the instrument at any point during the remaining rental period. Your payments will end once we have received the instrument back. You must insure and maintain the instrument and ensure it is kept in good condition throughout the duration of the agreement. Terms & Conditions apply. All offers are subject to status and a reference check.