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Rainbow 4-hole Ocarina, Green, Key D

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Our Description

"Made for little fingers, the holes on the simple 4-hole plastic ocarina are all equally easy to cover. A full octave of notes can be played using just the first two fingers on each hand. Consistent breath ensures a beautiful singing tone and, when children blow too strongly, the ocarina cuts out and is silent. This is a considerable advantage when working with large numbers of beginner players!

"The government’s Music Manifesto recommends that all primary school children should have experience of playing tuned musical instruments. For the cost of a single student flute, you will be able to equip your whole class of 30 children with their own ocarinas and music books! Give all the children in your class, including those who may not be academic, the opportunity to achieve something wonderful."


  • Plastic ocarina
  • 6 bright colours to choose from
  • Neckstring included
  • In the key of D
  • Available as 4-hole or 6-hole ocarinas

Item Details

Manufacturer: Ocarina Workshop
Category: Ocarinas