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Pre-Owned Nuvo NJF2 White jFlute

by Nuvo


Our Description

The Nuvo jFlute

The jFlute is ideal for the young beginners. Its ultra-light construction, curved head joint and mini foot joint make it ideal for smaller players, while its interchangeable parts allow it to grow with the student. Easy to repair, washable, durable and ultra-light. Keys clip on and off and pads are self-seating. The instruments can be personalised by adding the colourful key cups available separately.

First Note Lip-PlateFirstnote Lip-Plate

The patented Firstnote lip-plate can be beneficial for some very young students who are in the early stages of learning. Similar to a recorder mouthpiece, this enables students to get a good sound right from the very start, enabling them to learn fingering and postures. It is also ideal for for players with learning disabilities and for students who have just had a visit from the tooth fairy!

The Firstnote lip-plate can be clicked on and off with ease and replaced with the standard lip plate once the student is ready.


The jFlute comes fitted with a curved headjoint and D footjoint. When it's time to move to a straight headjoint and C footjoint (available separately), just clip off the old headjoint and clip on the new parts.


After each time you play, it's always best to give your flute a good clean using the stick and pull-through supplied. From time to time you can give your Nuvo flute a bath in some warm soapy water. This is particularly recommended in a school environment where a number of children may be using each instrument. Don't be afraid to use lots of water, your Nuvo flute loves it! You can even play in the shower or outside in the rain!


There are a number of adjusting screws on the Nuvo flute. These can be used to make very fine adjustments to the pad clearances. A tool is provided, but we strongly recommend that a flute teacher or technician makes the necessary adjustments. The flute is set up perfectly when it leaves usand is unlikely to require any adjustment.


The pads on your Nuvo flute are made from a durable silicone rubber compound. This makes them resistant to wear and water damage. In the unlikely event that your pads need replacing, we can do this for you.

You can customise your jFlute by purchasing coloured key cap sets available separately. This is ideal for colour coding keys, marking which flute belong to which student, or just expressing yourself!

Ideal for School Use

With their affordable price, low maintenance, easy cleaning and durability, the jFlute is perfect for the classroom. We also sell a wall rack which will hold the jFlute alongside the Nuvo Clarinéo.

General Condition

This Nuvo flute is ideal for an absolute beginner. It is in good playing order and has a slight blemish on the F pearl.


  • Revolutionary modular design
  • From the same creators as the Clarinéo
  • Adjustable curved head for small beginners
  • Rubberised, comfortable hand positioners for the left hand and right hand thumb
  • Range to low D
  • Detachable left hand key extensions
  • Key touch-pieces can be replaced for colour coding and to create teaching aids
  • Lip-plate can be easily removed and replaced with different styles 
  • Silicone rubber self-seating pads will never go out of adjustment, even in school use
  • Resilient to knocks, bumps and falls
  • 100% waterproof: washable
  • Upgrade to a standard sized flute with a straight headjoint and C footjoint
  • Weighs just 235g

Item Details

Item number: C125218 (Please quote this Item Number if you contact us about this item)
Manufacturer: Nuvo
Model number: NJF2
Category: Pre-Owned Student Flutes

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